Saturday, August 30, 2008

Inalienable Riots?

When did t.v. become a right?
Why should the hard-earned wages of the average taxpayer be siphoned into some government program that will provide $40 coupons to the "under-privileged" low-tech television owners that don't have cable?
What's next? Free satellite dishes for those on welfare?

Its sad. This country's culture is slowly circling the bowl.
If Obamma is elected, he'd better be sure to jiggle the handle after after he flushes what remains of this once great nation... and light a match.Something stinks around here.

The XXX-Files?!?

David Duchovny has entered a rehabilitation center for sex addiction

Maybe it's just an excuse for marital infidelity, or maybe he truly can't resist the urge to "drop Trou" in public and pleasure himself spontaneously.
Maybe it's research for his character on T.V. Maybe Tea Leoni is fridgid. Maybe he just likes porn (WHO DOESN'T?!)
Is promiscuity really a problem? O.K., maybe-but an addiction?! C'mon!
I don't lend much creedence to the notion of sex addiction being a real disease.The notion of psychological addiction is plain silly.It simply means that you really like something.Exhibit some freakin' willpower already!
Who the hell knows? Maybe I'm wrong about the condition... or maybe it's a stunt to sell tickets to that tanking stinker X-Files movie.

Friday, August 29, 2008

hAVE sOME mORE aCID... freaking morons!
Aging hippie band to play for Obama.

I'd be Grateful if they were Dead!

That Old Bastard...

... picks a hottie for veep!


"This Black BOY"

F*** that stinkinin peanut farmer. I'm surprised that the DNC let that racist anti-semite speak.He was a shitty president. I always liked his brother better.