Wednesday, April 29, 2009

“The Education President”???

a poor reflection on an administration whose campaign rhetoric was filled with promises and pledges that are now meaningless.
B.O. is more concerned with his image than these poor children’s education, just as he was more concerned with his image than defending the good that America does throughout the world in his recent travels overseas.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

"Barack Obama: President of America for Make Benefit Change and Hope of World"

Did We Elect Borat President?

All of these goofy gaffes by the president prove that he's really Sacha Baron Cohen and we're all in his next movie.

"I finally had an epiphany when Obama, reacting to the public outcry on runaway spending, ordered that $100 million in cuts be made from the budget. The $4 trillion budget. With a projected deficit of $1.8 trillion. That’s like suddenly gaining a thousand pounds and trying to offset the weight by trimming one fingernail. If Obama’s people can find $100 million to cut every year, they’ll have the budget balanced in the year 20,009 AD, by which time the human race will probably have flown to distant galaxies in an attempt to escape the massive debt that has consumed their home planet."~Frank J. Fleming

via Pajamas Media

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Obama's Momma?

You tell me.

I found this old post over at The Freedom Fighter's Journal.

I'll bet The Hon. James David Manning thinks it's her.

BTW, what should I pack for the "re-education camp"?

"Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power." - Benito Mussolini

Obama nationalizing banks

This is NOT work-safe or even safe for pets or children

"A scandalous, shocking, nasty damned dish."

Soul Clowns,
Skillet & Leroy are
The Okra Eaters.

01 Bazooms 02 House of Pleasure 03 Miscarriage 04 Eat My Okra 05 Chocolate Ice Cream 06 Proud 07 Hold That Tiger 08 Son in Law 09 To Be Sure 10 Bad Weather 11 Blowin' Mule 12 Big Mary 13 Dr. Weightoff

'Sit down white friend'... the password is Chitlins!

I found this classic LP over at WFMU's Beware of the Blog, a site I discovered via a link at Fresh Dread.
Adam had previously posted this item, which may interest you if you enjoyed these comedy stylings.

Obama’s Spending vs Obama’s Spending Cuts

In case you missed it, the cuts are that tiny little dot above that huge sphere.
No more than a token gesture in attempt to placate us "citizen complainers".


Saturday, April 18, 2009

I Really Must Apologize To Every Woman...

... that I've referred to as a douchebag, a stupid bitch, or a fucking cunt.
Those titles clearly belong to this whore!

Liberal actress and political activist?
Nay!, Janeane Garofalo is nothing more than AN ANGRY LITTLE BITCH WITH AN OPINION!

"She practically drips with the stench of liberalness and weed, like a landfill filled with dead seagull and used condoms. A smell eerily reminiscent to what wafts up many a New Jersey shore, which incidentally Garofalo is from."

... Of course this piece of shit, Janet Napolitano comes in a close second.

We're all terrorists now.

This dumb bitch couldn't even keep the wet-backs out of her own state, now she's in charge of homeland security?!
This nation is doomed!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Did I say that... or just think it?

I meant to say God save (us from) the queen!

I would suggest that someone take an axe handle to his colon, but it would probably give him pleasure.
I hate Barney Frank.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Obama's Oedipus Complex

Here's an interesting read from last September at Michael

A good amount of blame for the trouble we're in lies with Obama's whore of a mother.
This guy's got tremendous baggage and issues of drama which he's currently playing out on the world stage.
Obama's mother was a pantie-waste Patty Hearst Wannabe, that slept with an African to piss off her parents.
No wonder he's so fucked up.
If she'd turned to drug abuse or lesbianism, we'd all be better off!

Dylan is a fucking moron!

The former talent, turned idiot, Bob Dylan explains to Newsweek his support for Barack Hussein Obama- sort of.
What a burnout!

What struck you about him?
Well, a number of things. He’s got an interesting background. He’s like a fictional character, but he’s real. First off, his mother was a Kansas girl. Never lived in Kansas though, but with deep roots. You know, like Kansas bloody Kansas. John Brown the insurrectionist. Jesse James and Quantrill. Bushwhackers, Guerillas. Wizard of Oz Kansas. I think Barack has Jefferson Davis back there in his ancestry someplace. And then his father. An African intellectual. Bantu, Masai, Griot type heritage - cattle raiders, lion killers. I mean it’s just so incongruous that these two people would meet and fall in love. You kind of get past that though. And then you’re into his story. Like an odyssey except in reverse.

In what way?
First of all, Barack is born in Hawaii. Most of us think of Hawaii as paradise – so I guess you could say that he was born in paradise.

And he was thrown out of the garden.
Not exactly. His mom married some other guy named Lolo and then took Barack to Indonesia to live. Barack went to both a Muslim school and a Catholic school. His mom used to get up at 4:00 in the morning and teach him book lessons three hours before he even went to school. And then she would go to work. That tells you the type of woman she was. That’s just in the beginning of the story.

What else did you find compelling about him?
Well, mainly his take on things. His writing style hits you on more than one level. It makes you feel and think at the same time and that is hard to do. He says profoundly outrageous things. He’s looking at a shrunken head inside of a glass case in some museum with a bunch of other people and he’s wondering if any of these people realize that they could be looking at one of their ancestors.

What in his book would make you think he’d be a good politician?
Well nothing really. In some sense you would think being in the business of politics would be the last thing that this man would want to do. I think he had a job as an investment banker on Wall Street for a second - selling German bonds. But he probably could’ve done anything. If you read his book, you’ll know that the political world came to him. It was there to be had.

Do you think he’ll make a good president?
I have no idea. He’ll be the best president he can be. Most of those guys come into office with the best of intentions and leave as beaten men. Johnson would be a good example of that … Nixon, Clinton in a way, Truman, all the rest of them going back. You know, it’s like they all fly too close to the sun and get burned.

These scatter-brained thoughts are what his endorsement was based on.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Arianna Huffington and the foreign policy of wishful thinking

George Will puts that douche bag in her place.