Friday, November 14, 2008

Stop the celebration of these offensive and politically charged blasphemies!

Some thoughts from my boy,NC:

you better not wish anyone a happy thanksgiving
Native american holocaust day it is to some, so don't offend anyone.

The vikings were here 400 years before columbus came so scratch that off columbus day.

God cannot be proven to exist in high school debate so don't try that merry christmas shit either.

4th of july is offensive to british people and arbor day offends slash and burn deforrestors in south america.

New years day occurs on our biased eurocentric calender and so it should be ignored, aside from the obvious offense to people who happened to like the previous year.

Ground hog day is a stupid pagan ritual of superstitiion and should be abolished.

Halloween may cause trick or treating which may scare haitians at school so dressing up should be outlawed.
My birthday just makes me depressed, plus the koreans start counting age at conception (which makes them pro life nazi's) so stop that nonsense as well.

Memorial day celebrates the wasted lives of warmongers and should be scratched off the calendar as well.

Easter is offensive to jews and muslims, plus you don't get a day off so I scratched that one off years ago.

St patick's day is cruelty bias towards snakes and promotes drunkeness, gone.

President's day is phony blend of washington and lincoln's birthdays, both dead, both white, both men, offensive as hell.

Martin luther king day is offensive to senator byrd and now his dream is fulfilled we can scratch that one off as well.

Cinco de mayo is too noisy and festive and last time I drank way too much tequilla and ate too many tacos and well you can guess the rest...

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