Friday, October 23, 2009

I discovered a new blog

ok, I had some help. I found it by way of Adam, who got it by way of MC, who stumbled upon the author over at Ann Althouse(aka Mare McCheese-head)'s blog.

“[W]hite Americans do not realize how black they are.”

True for some, perhaps, but not for your humble correspondent. Like so many white, privileged, slave-owning adolescents, my first sexual experience was with our sassy, independent-minded, and opinionated house maid.

"She looked a lot like this, and I’ll never forget what she said, as she tugged down my knee-breeches and her eyes bugged out with delight: “Lawdy, lawdy, Massuh Bissage, you done gots a baddie biggsah brothah, you does!” She let out a chuckle and squatted her massive self on my hegemony until soon I was pumping her full of great gobs of liquid master race.

So it is a simple fact that some white Americans fully realize how black they are. It follows, thus, that there must be some black Americans who realize they have some white in them. Those would be the ones who do well on standardized tests."

For more along the same ilk visit Bissage's blog.
I intend to put him in my sidebar. (one caveat, he is a lawyer--but I won't hold that against him-yet)

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