Thursday, January 20, 2011


Barack Hussein Obama is promising he'll be at the Super Bowl if the Chicago Bears make it in.

WTF! Will this guy get to work already?
King Obama is not trying to cure this nation's ills. This piece of shit is too busy playing golf and jetting around the globe on vacation with his bitch-ass wife!

... and just think of the monumental expense this would create trying to ensure the security of this douchebag at such a large public venue. furthermore, he'd probably bring along a huge entourage thus depriving real fans of the coveted tickets.
This guy has such a workload on his plate that he should be too freakin' busy to even watch the game on TV!
This clown and his self-divining ruling-class ilk must be sent packing!

On a final Superbowl note, Let's Go J-E-T-S!!!!

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