Saturday, September 6, 2008

... And The Race is On!

Those self-aggrandizing conventions behind us, the campaigns shift gears and its off we go.
The MSM outlets continue to play pom-pom girl for "this black boy", with the exception of Fox of course, who continue to stump for "that old bastard".
Debates are heating up in the bloglands as well.
MC is camping in the rain.He must be using that American flag he wraps himself up in as a tent.
Meanwhile, that smoke and whiner is feebly trying to be a diplomat.The freakin' whiteboy pothead's got shit for brains.Without his sense of humour,he'd be (even more) worthless.
One of the issue folks seemed to be at odds over is aborton.It dont seem to me that the republicrats are out to (tali-) ban it,I think they are after partial birth abortions primarily, you know where if someone was raped 8 months ago by their uncle and suddenly realizes it's time to pull the plug.
As for abortion in general,Women already have the right, and I am for it.
Abusing it and using it like an undo button on your pc is a different story.
Where does old Alfred fit in to this argument you might ask? I say a child has no rights until it becomes a citizen, you know 18. Until that point the child, be it a fetus or teen, is just playing parasite to the parents(and often society's)host.
I'm all for late term can off your own kid when they're 17.
Children like foreigners have no constitutional rights!
I dont give a damm if anyone agrees with me or not
.now where's my whisky?


Jimmy said...

How does Alfred know that Adam is a pothead? Ida, care to comment?

Adam said...

It's all lies! That rat bastard is trying to slander my good name.He doesn't know me. I shall boycott this blog hence forth.

Jimmy said...


Ida said...

I'm not one to normally defend Alfred. Lord knows that he's vile and pernicious, but just click on Adam's posts (scroll down).He would appear to be one crispy-critter.