Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday Night Fights

Get ready to RRrruummblle!!!!!

The debate rages on as I type this.
I certainly have no love Thom McCann, but my hatred and despisal of Norbert has reached heights that I never dreamt possible.
I think that it would be in the best interest of my eternal soul to convert to Catholicism, so that I may confess my sin and seek absolution, for I have never wanted death for another creature more than now.
Where is Sirhan Sirhan when you need him?..and what of the (US of)KKK? Are they going to let this happen?How'd he get this far?Anywho,Im just venting,Iguess.Maybe I'm evil.Maybe I'm going to hell.If so, I'll see you there.I'll save a couple of warm seats.Face it we r fucked!
oh, and for the record i used this photo first.Long before the waste over at the other blog.
... up next, drunken helicopter reviews!-stay tuned.


Jimmy said...

Norbert!? LMFAO

Ida said...

Alfred, You are an ass! and I'm sure you meant Norbit.

alfred said...

Ida, you ignorant slut, as evidenced by my opening statement, it was live coverage.I too noticed my errors and decided to leave them to preserve the moment,warts and all.So there.