Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Day the Nips Sank Our Ships

Todays marks the anniversary of the infamous attack on Pearl Harbor.
Jimmy links to this piece on the topic.

Those evil yellow, slant-eyed bastards had no idea of the wrath they were to invoke.

"What a mistake it was for this tiny island nation to attack the vast North American continent.
Retribution was not swift in coming, but come it did.
The classical definition of retribution embraces the idea that the amount of punishment must be proportional to the amount of harm caused by the offense.
A more modern concept of retribution advocates that the amount of punishment must be proportional to the amount of unfair advantage gained by the wrongdoer.
America rarely if ever was so unified in it's pain and anger over the lives and pride lost on Dec. 7th, 1941.
Japan's militarists gained little advantage from this unexpected attack.
This footage and sober narration is still a powerful propaganda piece, effective as ever in drumming up determination to fight all who would attack us without warning, foolishly attempting to destroy the freedom of a people - our people -who have tasted it's sweet nectar."-C.P.W.

Victory At Sea ep 02 The Pacific Boils Over

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mc said...

I read somewhere it may have been our fault for not being nice enough. You need to open up your world to make your enemies your saviors is what the word on the liberal street is!