Saturday, April 18, 2009

I Really Must Apologize To Every Woman...

... that I've referred to as a douchebag, a stupid bitch, or a fucking cunt.
Those titles clearly belong to this whore!

Liberal actress and political activist?
Nay!, Janeane Garofalo is nothing more than AN ANGRY LITTLE BITCH WITH AN OPINION!

"She practically drips with the stench of liberalness and weed, like a landfill filled with dead seagull and used condoms. A smell eerily reminiscent to what wafts up many a New Jersey shore, which incidentally Garofalo is from."

... Of course this piece of shit, Janet Napolitano comes in a close second.

We're all terrorists now.

This dumb bitch couldn't even keep the wet-backs out of her own state, now she's in charge of homeland security?!
This nation is doomed!


Ida said...

Hey! I like her. She used to be funny.Janeane, that is.
Janet is still funny.
She looks like Pat!

Adam said...

Garofalo is misguided (at best) when she claims that the Tea Party Protests are merely some Americans upset about a black man in the White House.It is more accurate to say that it is many Americans enraged at that black man in the White House.