Thursday, April 23, 2009

"Barack Obama: President of America for Make Benefit Change and Hope of World"

Did We Elect Borat President?

All of these goofy gaffes by the president prove that he's really Sacha Baron Cohen and we're all in his next movie.

"I finally had an epiphany when Obama, reacting to the public outcry on runaway spending, ordered that $100 million in cuts be made from the budget. The $4 trillion budget. With a projected deficit of $1.8 trillion. That’s like suddenly gaining a thousand pounds and trying to offset the weight by trimming one fingernail. If Obama’s people can find $100 million to cut every year, they’ll have the budget balanced in the year 20,009 AD, by which time the human race will probably have flown to distant galaxies in an attempt to escape the massive debt that has consumed their home planet."~Frank J. Fleming

via Pajamas Media

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