Monday, May 25, 2009

Colon Powell Is An Ass!

Once a great warrior, then the Right's "Uncle Tom", now he's Obama's bitch (We all know he endorsed Obama solely based on race) and he wants us all to bend over as he has.
Why does Powell now seem to think he has the right (or credibility) to tell Republicans on how their party should be run?
Republicans are being told what they must do by a man who will almost certainly vote for Obama in 2012? That ain't right!
What is this horse shit about being more "moderate", being more like the Democraps?
C'mon, we all remember New Coke, Coca Cola's new recipe that tasted more like a Pepsi.That shit failed miserably.What an embarrassment - Coke was forced to revert to its traditional taste, and save face by releasing Coca Cola Classic.
It's time for the Republican party to respond in kind.
It's time for some CONSERVATISM CLASSIC!!!!

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Jimmy said...

can't say it better!