Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Cuntessa Brewer is a hypocritical douchebag!

pMSNBC's airhead slut is unarmed when she enters a battle of wits with John Ziegler.
During an interview on "Barack Obama's official network", Cuntessa (it's a typo--that's my story.) says that she sees no reason for Sarah Palin to feel insulted by David Letterman's futile attempts to satirize her (the bucktoothed jackass referred to her as a "slutty flight attendant", and said that her daughter was bestialized by A-Rod.).She is, however, so insulted by John Ziegler stating the obvious lack of class at her network, that she cuts off his mic and ends the discussion.
Ms. Brewer is one stupid bitch and was no match for Ziegler, who chewed her up and spat her out in the exchange.
It would seem that conservatives are fair game, but don't dare to do any less than worship a Lib.
It is sooo sickening how the state-run media continues to kiss the collective ass of this corrupt administration which has imprisoned the American populace!
For whatever it's worth, I agree with Sarah.Letterman is "pretty pathetic".Not so much for his comments about her, but just in general.Dave hasn't been funny in a long, long long time.

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