Wednesday, September 23, 2009

You don't have to be racist to hate Obama

Jackie feels a little racist hating Obama so much. Dunlap helps him work through his feelings.


Anonymous said...

wow. you are soooooooooo cool.

Alice Bailarin said...

i agree w/ anonymous
y do u h8 obama?

alfred said...

Anonymous, if that's even your real name, did you even watch the video (satire)?
Did I even state hatred of my own for Barak?
People are waaaaaaaaay to quick to rush to judgment without examining substance.
Do I consider myself cool? No, I'm a fucking asshole. I do, however possess the intestinal fortitude to post without hiding beneath the shield of anonymity.

alfred said...

Alice? Who the hell is Alice?
Are you the divorcee that drove her daughter to lesbianism?
By the way, I'm assuming your cryptic post was meant to read, "why do you hate Obama?"
I'd imagine that you're a product of the "no child left behind" mindset, which is bullshit that preceded Obama. Unless you count him voting "present" to pass it.

Harris said...

Lighten up Al.
He is a demigod to many.
I once supported him, until he showed his true colo...I mean agenda.

Adam said...

Obama is utterly disconnected from the American people, as he apologizes for America. He rejects our history and our greatness, all based on his Marxist ideology.