Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Poverty Doesn’t Cause Crime

Poverty doesn’t cause crime -- Crime causes poverty (the problem is that those criminals, like Geithner,Blankfein,Dodd,Rubin,and Barney Frank,who destroyed the economy,are either members of the OBAMA administratiion,or its supporters).

The recession of 2008-09 has undercut one of the most destructive social theories that came out of the 1960s: the idea that the root cause of crime lies in income inequality and social injustice. This same theory is often employed by the "Libs" to defend those who would perform terrorist acts against our great nation.
If the poverty-causes-crime theory were true, this sudden rise in unemployment would surely be accompanied by at least some measurable increase in crime. Instead the opposite has happened.
I believe one huge factor is that gun ownership has soared across the country since Obama was elected.
Another overlooked factor in the decrease in crime is self-deportation. Illegal aliens make up a huge amount of crime. The illegals get counted on the crime side but not on the unemployment or population side…much of these numbers are artificial if one looks at “citizens”. But you won’t hear that from those pushing amnesty.
Of course the seemingly endless time extensions of unemployment payments to former job seekers may also have a lot to do with it.

The theory that a bad economy spurs crime only works if the criminal is that "Frog" from Les Miserables, the guy who stole a loaf of bread to feed his family.
If the criminal is selling drugs on the street corner, the probability is he's just making money to buy "bling" or new sneakers.

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