Friday, February 6, 2009

In the current economic climate , I fear it would be more like "Lord Of The Flies"

... or worse.

Companies are sending staff to experience a plane crash in simulators as the ultimate team-building exercise - no reports of cannibalism... yet.

I'd prefer one of these cushy retreats., that sounds like the type of gathering B. Hussein O. is lashing out at the corporate types for having.
But Barry would never be a hypocrite.Would he?

Speaking of airplanes, our great "green" king Obama flew in his private jet all the way to Virginia from D.C.-but he's no hypocrite.
By the way, why does that hag Pelosi need a jet?

A final thought, if the Lord Obama wants to tell execs how much they can earn, then by the same logic he should tell graduates what profession to pursue.After all, student loans are just like receiving a bailout.Aren't they?
Face it this asshole wants to control our lives.


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