Thursday, February 26, 2009

"...inhabitants resembling us in every way from the physical point of view but who appeared to be completely devoid of the power of reason"

"In one of the countless billions of galaxies in the universe, lies a medium-sized star, and one of its satellites, a green and insignificant planet, is now dead."~Colonel George Taylor

Film director Tim Burton yesterday apologized for the closing scene in his 2001 film
Planet of the Apes -at best, a mediocre movie, whose plot is more absurd than any other of the previous franchise incarnations, which imagines a future America in which the Lincoln Memorial statue is replaced with a statue of a warlike gorilla.

"Given the controversy surrounding the recent New York Post cartoon, which featured a chimp that many people took to represent President Obama, I now realize that many Americans are likely to find the portrayal of an ape president offensive. Although it is no defense, I would point out that when I made the film few would have imagined that our country would elect a black president so soon afterwards. The scene was not intended to allude in any fashion to a future black president, and I deeply regret any offense I may have caused to African-Americans, and indeed to Americans in general."~Tim Burton

It gets even crazier, The distributor of Planet of the Apes, 20th Century Fox, has announced that all DVD copies of the movie are being recalled from retailers and will be destroyed. A new ending is being shot, which does not feature the statue, for the DVD release of the film and for future TV broadcast.

What an age we live in.Political correctness has become the McCarthyism of the millennium.
We are none of us free.Tyranny has replaced liberty under the guise of compassion.

My fellow Nanny-State citizens, we are all screwed!

I can't help but think of Caesar's speech from the fourth Movie;

"Where there is fire, there is smoke. And in that smoke, from this day forward, my people will crouch and conspire and plot and plan for the inevitable day of Man’s downfall- the day when he finally and self-destructively turns his weapons against his own kind. The day of the writing in the sky, when your cities lie buried under radioactive rubble. When the sea is a dead sea, and the land is a wasteland out of which I will lead my people from their captivity. And we shall build our own cities in which there will be no place for humans except to serve our ends. And we shall found our own armies, our own religion, our own dynasty. And that day is upon you now. But now, now we will put away our hatred. Now, we will put down our weapons. We have passed through the night of the fires. And those who were our masters are now our servants. And we, who are not human, can afford to be humane. Destiny is the will of God, and if it is man’s destiny to be dominated, it is God’s will that he be dominated with compassion, and understanding. So, cast out your vengeance. Tonight we have seen the birth of the Planet Of The Apes!"

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