Friday, October 31, 2008

He Shoulda Just Cut Some Checks

"If Sen. Barack Obama were a television executive, he'd have a hit on his hands."~Matea Gold

If I'd monopolized 7 networks at once, so would I!

More than 33 million people watched Obama's paid political ad Wednesday night on seven networks, Nielsen Media Research reported Thursday, delivering a larger audience for that time period than the usual viewership so far this season.
How much larger?, not so much.
On an average Wednesday night, the same networks get an audience of 30.3 million people between 8 and 8:30 p.m.--so it looks like he spent $3.000,000.00 to slightly increase people watching t.v. I'm sure the World Series had no effect on the numbers.
The 30-minute program, which reportedly cost the Obama campaign more than $3 million to air, ran on NBC, CBS, and just ahead of the World Series game on Fox and on Spanish speaker network Univision as well as cable news network PMS-NBC, and two networks catering to African American audiences, BET and TV One.The infomercial was especially popular among African American viewers, attracting 15.2% of that demographic.No figures available yet on the consumption of barbecue cheese puffs, grape soda,....or malt liquor.

Spending $3 mil to get 33 million to watch tv (something they're already doing) doesn't seem to be a wise way to spend YOUR money.
God help us all if this piece of shit takes office!

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