Monday, October 27, 2008

I wonder who they'll appoint as minister of information?

Joe Biden is asked some very tough questions by WFTV reporter Barbara West—and proceeds to get angry and condescending.

The Obama campaign has now cut off WFTV from any further interviews.

Poor Obama and Biden...can't answer the tough questions. When a woman from a local tv station in Florida dares to do such, their campaign berates them and cuts off their access for future interviews.-- NoBama. No press interviews. Welcome to Stalinism.

Barack and Biden announced that they will sit down and talk unconditionally with the leaders of Iran and North Korea. But, somehow the thought of speaking to a small market TV host is more frightening.
What a bunch of whimps!

Is th
is an indication of what an Obama presidency will look like? Ayers, Wright, media control, redistribution of wealth, "the world will test Obama", not releasing records, spending money like it's nothing, playing the race card, etc.

He must be stopped!

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Ida said...

Nice Pugs, Joe!