Friday, October 3, 2008

Voter Fraud, World Domination, and other KOOKY Conspiracy Theories

The Democratic Party caterwauling about fraudulent elections and the Republican reluctance to respond to allegations has further poisoned an already toxic political atmosphere.Every future election will be subject to allegations of fraud and that candidates who cannot concede defeat gracefully will resort to the “big lie” in order to rationalize their loss and delegitimize an opponent’s victory.
I have had it with all this "the republicans stole the election(s)", and "it's all Bush's fault", "blame Bush" bullshit.Sure Bush sucks, but get over it so does evryone else.The dems lost those elections because the candidates they ran were more pathetic than the right's moron.That makes them the biggest morons,and that's why they lost.Grow up you whiners!
Its not over yet, Biden's already setting the scene for another round: "we're going to mobilize thousands of lawyers to make sure they don't steal another election."
The people who buy into all this horseshit are the same naive children that watch too many movies and believe the delusion that it was some huge "gubment" plot to splatter JFK.

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