Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Oh , Is I?

it seems that one cannot call a spade a spade in this election, without charges of "you is racist!!!".

The PC police seem to be batting for Obama.You can't mention his ears(he does look like Dumbo), you can't say his middle name(Hussein), you can't mention his past or his associations, 'community organizer'=black(what a crock o' shit), and now if you draw attention to his socialist(=black?) policies you are(is) a racist.
He plans to win as he did in Chicago, by eliminating the opposition.
Before he removed challengers from the ballot so as to run unopposed.
Now he is removing (trying, anyway) any question of his competency by limiting what can be asked or said.
When the morons by into this bullshit, they state that you must be a racist if you don't back Obama.If that is the case, then I IS RACIST!---I'm Alfred Doctorine, and I approve this message.

...and then there's this shit:

The Obama campaign’s Stalinist-style demand that a special prosecutor at the Department of Justice criminally prosecute any candidates, party officials or congressmen who discussed their concerns over voter fraud is an outrageous attempt to use the power of the federal government to intimidate and persecute political opponents. It is almost as if Senator Obama wants to reinstitute the Alien and Sedition Acts and it brings into sharp focus the issue of whether he understands the protections of the First Amendment and the importance of fair and secure elections.

Vote NOBAMA '08


Jimmy said...
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Jimmy said...

NObama...keep your f'in change!