Sunday, October 19, 2008

Just Like They Say, "Those People Always Stick Together"

Colon Powell Endorses B.O.

"Let's not forget the Mongolian troops, I hear they're damn fine wrestlers." - Colin Powell

He's at it again.

He once had the integrity to be suggested as a candidate to take the white house himself.

Powell is the Uncle Tom who lied for Bush at the UN about WMD in Iraq. He knew he was lying and still he did it.

But Wait! - Here is another endorsement.

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mc said...

Hmmm...There were WMD's but that is another matter.

There was a time whem I may have voted for this man...there was also a time when I would have voted for Condoleeza. What on Earth does the State Department do to good people?

The U.S. was formed by folks who were not let alone to stand up and live amongst the rest honestly and so set off on their own. Why must we always look for esteem and encouragement to the rest of the planet's attentions? That too is another matter, though clearly related.

He has let honest and well meaning people of reason down.