Thursday, October 2, 2008

The VP Debacle

Debacle?, debate? , whatever. Same thing this time around.

Plugs vs, Caribou Barbie!

These lights make Sarah look older than on her other show.

Biden still looks like shit. Like they say,"you can put hair plugs on a pig--and it's still an asshole".

I'd mentioned earlier my despisal of B. Hussein O. I mentioned that I wished him great harm.
At this time I would like to retract that statement.I would like to see Joe and Barry go down together.I didn't realize how much I could hate this idiot.

Oh yah, back to the debate.The moderator, some crippled Mrs. Butterworth in the tank for the Dems, couldn't possibly have a conflict of interest.Gwen Ifill (I Fill my bank account with mo money if Barack wins) came across as a complete BITCH.She did however seem less biased than I feared.
Joe Biden is quite full of himself (maybe Barry still needs that food taster).
Is he a skilled debater, or does he just blab on and on until everyone just tunes out.I think it's the latter.
Does anyone really believe his horseshit?
He seems somewhat starstruck by the messiah, himself.That could explain his shift of position on so many issues.What a DICK!
Sarah seems a bit green.She is as green as Obama is black.Is he too black to be president? It doesnt matter.He's Too green!(black and green does not suit a leader well).
Not one of these 4 left standing is qualified to be the prez.But Johnny comes closest.
If she came out of the gate as strongly as she finished, Sarah would have had a more decided victory.
Plug-Boy seemed a little more informed(an illusion I'm sure), but Palin came across as far more likable.She was right to point out how her foes continue to look back and "blame Bush".I would call her the winner, By a C#nt hair, excuse the pun.
Unfortunately, I don't see much good to come from this election.

USA-RIP?, let's hope not.

A friend described this race as choosing the lesser of 2 evils, Like choosing death from canceror AIDS. He said he'd choose cancer for the C-Club card over gettin' fucked in the ass.I'm not quite sure what he meant, but I think he's voting McSame.
Well, time to drink and reflect.I'll sum things up later.
Oh, if I upset any one with my opinios or observations, FUCK OFF! and get your own blog.

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